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Seven years ago, Irina and Igor Orlovskiy established their "Orlovskiy Music School" in Brisbane. Over the past several years, the reputation of the school has grown to a very high standard and a number of their students have won numerous prizes in different competitions around Brisbane, including The English Family Prize Competition, Brisbane and Redlands Eisteddfods and also the AUSTA Concerto Competition, where all the performers have shown excellent results. From the adjudicators’ feedback, it can be seen that their students have been well prepared and have demonstrated an absolutely beautiful musical style in their outstanding performances.

As part of their Orlovskiy Music School, Irina and Igor organise music concerts to provide their students with the experience in performing in front of an audience in various venues. As well as solo performances, they give an opportunity for their students to perform in duets, quartets and ensembles. Every year students of the school successfully complete AMEB exams ranging from Grade 1 to LMus.

General Information

  • Lessons are available for all ages - Everyone is Welcome!
  • Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Piano and Music Theory.
  • We offer lessons of 30, 45 and 60 minutes duration varying upon the age and level of students.
  • Lessons are available Monday to Saturday between the hours of 3:30pm and 8.00pm for school students. Adults and other students are welcome to come during the day, before 3.00pm.
  • We offer a free trial lesson to discuss all the details and get to know the teacher and student.
  • Lessons occur throughout the whole year. As a private school, we offer lessons regardless of school terms.
  • Extra lessons are available upon request.
  • "Make up" lessons due to illness or any other appropriate reasons can be arranged through discussion with your teacher.
  • Our school is family orientated and we offer discounts if more than one child is taking lessons from us.

Professional Music Tuition for Summer Holidays

Summer is a great time to get involved in something that is hard to find time for during the school year.

We offer music tuition for instrumental and music theory students who want to improve their practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the field of solo music performance.

You can choose between an intensive (2-3 lessons a week) or relaxed course (1 lesson a week) and we are sure you will be amazed at how greatly you can progress with your favourite instrument under our instruction.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 0406 068 581 to discuss all the matters about the summer program and organise the time for a free trial lesson.


Our Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching methods are based on some principles:

  1. Music is a fine and creative art that requires a creative approach. Thus, teaching music is also a creative process.
  2. Anyone can learn a musical instrument at any age. On this page we could, probably, discuss the benefits of music education for children but there is already extensive research on this topic available online. Here, we would rather mention one of the greatest musicians of all time - a genius, Pablo Casals.
    When Casals, being in his 90's, was asked why he, being the greatest cellist that had ever lived, was still practising many hours a day Mr Pablo Casals replied - "Because I think I'm making progress."
    We also believe that we are always improving when making music.
  3. Someone once said that professors should teach beginners. Music is an area where starting correctly is crucial for faster and better result. We offer professional tuition to all our students - we teach from prodigies to disabled students having different approaches for both and everyone in between. Our teaching experience is sufficient to satisfy students' need of various abilities.
  4. Playing an instrument is not only about major achievements such as performing at a concert, competition or exam, but it is also a process that can be very beneficial and enjoyable in every day life. We remember our student years when we were particularly close to the teachers we loved and the teachers appreciated our effort too - becoming friends with us. Now, we more than ever understand that through sharing their knowledge and experience with us our wonderful teachers taught us the principles of life.
  5. Practising music should be fun, pleasurable and easy - not a struggle or a disappointment. When we use the word 'fun' we don't only think about laughing and turning a music lesson into a joke, but what we hope for is cooperation between the student and the teacher achieving something that will make us all happy and will give us satisfaction.
  6. We are good teachers if we can teach students the correct technique so that they could learn a piece of music themselves without relying purely on us. It is important for students to develop their musical skills and be able to polish their pieces so that eventually they can create masterpieces.
  7. We are successful teachers if we teach our students confidence in performance and encourage them to strive to achieve amazing results.
  8. We are great teachers if we can make a difference in our students' education and our students remember their music lessons as positive and unforgettable experiences, and if they start understanding music, beginning to love it and music becomes a part of their life.

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