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  1. I have been learning the violin with Igor for 6 years now and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Both Igor and Irina place great value on playing technically, and especially, musically well. They also understand the importance of playing in front of an audience, and so provide many great concerts in which their students can perform without the stress of either being judged at a competition, or being extremely formal.

    I also really like how Igor does not necessarily base all his teaching around grades and exams, with him I have had the freedom to explore other music that I would not have done otherwise.

    So if you are thinking of learning the violin, I highly recommend Igor Orlovskiy as a teacher.

    Violin Student – Esther Durre

  2. Igor and Irina are both outstanding musicians and extremely nice and friendly people. I worked with both of them numerous times in Auckland (NZ) with my professional ensemble Bach Musica NZ (www.bachmusica.com). On two occasions Igor was our violin soloist. I can highly recommend both Igor and Irina!

  3. I have been learning cello from Irina for seven years and her expertise and insightful knowledge in cello has helped me make a significant improvement in both my skill and appreciation for music. Through these years I have made progress that I do not think would be possible under most teachers due to her great teaching methods. I came into the first lesson with bad technique and habits that would stick with me for years, but with the persistence and experience that Irina possessed, I was able to develop my cello playing to a standard that would not have been possible without a great teacher.

  4. Irina teaches cello with both passion and patience. Having studied cello for a number of years previously, it has been Irina who has worked diligently with me to correct my technique, to challenge me and to encourage me to perform again. From her I have gained a greater understanding, application and appreciation of musicality and have found again inspiration and enjoyment in cello.
    My husband and I were also honoured that Irina and Igor performed at our wedding, the beautiful music they made for us echoes in our memories of that day. For their gift of music, we are forever grateful.
    Both Irina and Igor teach their craft with care, ensuring that their students develop as well-rounded musicians with strong foundations in every regard and a love for music.

  5. Iwona Cehajic - parent

    My daughter started playing cello in grade 3. After looking for the right teacher we were fortunate to come across the third one being Irina. My daughter has been playing cello with Irina for 6 years now and is sitting her grade 8 AMEB exam this year. Irina has taught her the right techniques and to play music not just an instrument. I highly recommend Irina and Igor as they have a strong passion and skills for music and teaching. Highly commited, talented, knowledgable and honest teachers are rare to find and they are worth every penny!

  6. Igor has been a wonderful teacher, and I have learnt so much from him over the years. He has been an inspirational figure, in terms of approaching and interpreting different music, and has widened my musical frame of thought. Not only does he encourage technical proficiency, Igor emphasises the importance of creativity in musical interpretation, and has nurtured my individuality as a performer, and musician.

  7. Igor’s outstanding talents as a violinist command the respect of his students. However, it is his ability to form rapports with everyone he is involved with – from the child prodigy, to the struggling student – that separates Igor from other teachers.
    The successes of his students are evidence of Igor’s innate capabilities as a teacher.
    Igor taught me the importance of playing beautifully, with passion and feeling.
    He was the best violin teacher I ever had.

  8. Nilly Weerackody

    Igor is a sincere teacher who has instilled a true love for the violin in our son. When your teenager is eager to go for his violin lesson despite having been up all night working on an assignment that is due the next day, you realise that he has an extraordinary teacher. We consider it a rare privilege for our son to learnt from Igor.

    A highly gifted violinist himself, Igor brings out the best in every student, whatever their level of talent and it would be hard to find another teacher With such skill in Brisbane.

  9. I had the pleasure of working with Igor Orlovskiy for 5 years at the Howick School of Music in Auckland, New Zealand. Igor and I were both violin teachers, and I was also the senior tutor of the string department.

    Igor is a superbly accomplished violinist, while at the same time an inspirational mentor and teacher. I have seen many students thrive and grow into strong performers under Igor’s guidance. Igor is a highly experienced and very professional teacher, who provides clear instructions, and inspires and motivates students. Igor pays attentions to technical details but also teaches students how to play expressively and emotionally.

    I have also heard Igor perform on many occasions. He is a talented and sensitive performer. He has a large repertoire and plays violin with excellent technique and taste. Igor generously shares his knowledge and love of music and violin with students, colleagues and friends.

    I am delighted to recommend Igor as a violin teacher at Orlovskiy Music School.

    Olga Vorontsova
    Violin tutor, Auckland, New Zealand

  10. My name is Rembrandt Wynen and I live in New Zealand

    In 2002, I met Igor and Irina in New Zealand and became very good friends. They both have an outstanding ability of music.
    Irina and Igor played many times in the New Zealand symphony orchestra for the time they were in New Zealand and Igor played many times as solo also on his violin in the New Zealand symphony orchestra.
    There where many times where Irina and Igor played music in Auckland as solo or in a band and it was always a pleasure for everybody who was there. I find Igor plays the violin very relaxed, like it is so easy to do.
    They have played in the Netherlands for a long time, what is my home country. Irina and Igor had there first teaching music school in New Zealand, in Auckland.They had students of all nationalities who came to them for the learning of music .
    They where well known in Auckland for there music abilities and teaching.
    I like their Russian food and the Russian vodka what I have enjoyed many times at there home and there hospitality .
    It was a loss for all students and friends when they moved to Australia.

  11. Delightful perfomance by Igor and Irina! Thank you for making our wedding beautiful and special!

  12. When my daughter was 9 years old we had decided to move her violin tuition from group to private sessions with Igor. Since then, Igor had helped her develop her love for music and enabled her to become a better musician through technical exercises, and more importantly taught her how to feel the music. Igor provided her with opportunities to build her confidence through solo performances. I highly recommend Igor as a professional violin teacher. We regret that he had to move to Australia, we miss him as a wonderful teacher and as a dear friend.

  13. Igor is a fantastic performer and a passionate educator. “Teacher” really is an underestimation for what he offers to his students, a true and honest character that is simply inspirational .

    Dr. Vicky Yang
    Concert Pianist and lecturer at Griffith University

  14. Dr Bronwyn Mueller - parent

    My daughters started learning cello with Irina early 2015. My previously disillusioned teenager tells me Irina is the “best” teacher. It took us several attempts to find a teacher who fit her personality after returning from several years overseas. Irina has brought calm and inspiration to her as well as challenge and technical improvement. My younger daughter is a beginner. Irina is so patient yet insists on foundational technique and tunefulness. This is very reassuring after watching less particular methodologies over the years. Irina is also very aware of the physical impact on the body of playing an instrument and emphasises postioning to minimise this.

    • Thank you Bronwyn for your kind words. It is a pleasure to teach your girls music! Let the girls fulfilling, prosperous and happy life be a great testament to your thoughtful and wise parenting.

  15. In over 25 years of teaching strings and conducting orchestras at Somerville House, as well as examining and adjudicating competitions all over Australia, I have come across many talented teachers and their students. Among the most talented have been the students of Igor Orlovskiy. Their technical ability is outstanding and their musicianship has clearly been nurtured and superbly mentored. This is a testament to the skill and dedication of Igor. The standard achieved by his students is proven time and time again in festivals and competitions and I congratulate Igor on his latest success, with Inyi Chae’s first place in the English Family Prize.

    • Thank you Loreta. This is especially wonderful to hear from such a superb and experienced master teacher like yourself. It is also important to highlight your professional and personal contribution to life long music learning and teaching in particular at Somerville House and in Australia overall. You are an inspirational mentor and music teacher to us all. Thank you!

  16. David and Carolyn

    When the time came to choose musicians to perform at our wedding, my fiancée (now wife) and I knew immediately that we would like Irina and Igor Orlovski from Duo Romance. Over the past seven years three members of our family have received cello lessons from Irina and have been impressed by her expertise, technical mastery, passion, dedication and flexibility. As students, we have had the opportunity to watch Irina and Igor perform together on numerous occasions. Not only are they both very talented players and have played together for around two decades, but their love for each other manifests itself in the passionate way they harmonise when performing. They were extremely professional and supportive of our wishes in preparing for the wedding and warmed all the guests’ hearts with their music. I can highly recommend Irina and Igor as music teachers and performers for any occasion.

  17. I am really grateful to have been learning Cello with Irina for five or six years now. I have made a lot of progress over this time and have been really impressed with both Irina and Igor’s teaching methods. Irina has been very patient with me helping me to learn with good technique right from the very beginning. However, they both place a lot of emphasis on musicality, and playing real music with meaning rather than just notes on a page. They really care about their students and are passionate about their work. They are both amazing musicians and it’s such a privilege to learn from such fine artists. I look forward to my lesson each week. They are no longer just teachers to me, but great friends.

    Cello Student – Matthew Novic

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